Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It for Retail Businesses?

As a business owner in the retail world, it can be a difficult task monitoring all hard costs of your establishment while keeping up with the day-to-day hustle. When it comes to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), the consequences of oversight can be disastrous. Being a luxury that is often taken for granted, the following points will help you understand how careful planning and a forward-thinking HVAC maintenance plan can optimize the financial savings and experience of your retail business.


For starters, let’s consider the risk of not implementing an HVAC maintenance schedule into your business plan. Reactive maintenance (or repairing HVAC equipment on an “as needed” basis) is the most unreliable and financially straining way to go about maintaining HVAC equipment. Without an on-call professional maintenance agreement, these inconvenient mishaps can lead to interruptions in service quality and cost you the satisfaction of your customers. Consider the productivity value of your employees as well, when they are expected to best service your clients in an uncomfortable environment. You may also find yourself having to wait extended lengths of time for a repair professional, thus leaving your business out of commission for longer than necessary. If these scenarios happen during times of extreme heat or cold, you might even find yourself at the mercy of outrageous replacement fees just to get your facility up and running again. By committing to a consistent maintenance schedule, these nightmares can be easily prevented.


In addition to breakdown prevention, retail businesses that have implemented an HVAC maintenance plan have shown a 35-45 percent decrease in overall maintenance costs! This cost efficiency offers huge financial savings for business owners to better apply their hard-earned profits in ways that will better benefit the company. Energy efficiency is also achieved by having up to date equipment that will save energy consumption, reduce costs, and eliminate the risk of faulty performance. In fact, implementing an HVAC maintenance schedule has proven to help retailers reduce energy use by 15-30 percent!

With all these points in mind, here are a few more benefits of having a routine HVAC maintenance plan for your retail business:

  • Identifying potential problems in advance
  • Regular equipment evaluations will allow you to budget for future business expenses
  • Priority service in the event of an emergency repair or replacement
  • Control over utility costs
  • Optimized customer and employee comfort
  • Extended life span of HVAC equipment
  • Protect inventory and property from damage

Insufficient budget and poor planning are the most common reasons for applying the “reactive” approach to retail HVAC maintenance. Maintainit now offers commercial HVAC preventative maintenance to help provide your valued business, customers, and employees with an inviting climate that will foster maximum enjoyment for all. Speak with one of our professional at (905) 696-0486 today.

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