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Maintain It is a full-service facility maintenance company explicitly designed to support restaurant, retail and commercial businesses and keep them operating at their maximum potential.
Maintain Its goal is to put an end to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude – and to the complicated, distracting, and costly process of self-managing maintenance. To do so, we offer an all-in-one maintenance service that is custom-designed to meet and exceed our client’s interests and needs and result in increased quality and profitability.
Our Preventative Maintenance Program is a custom-designed – multi-step plan built considering the current conditions and specs of all equipment and assets in your establishment. After a thorough inspection, our highly trained professionals will present a customized Preventive Maintenance Proposal to the customer, and pending approval will immediately get started on corrective and preventative maintenance to improve and maintain the facility’s operations to their optimum potential.
Our outstanding customer service goes hand in hand with our unparalleled knowledge of facility operations. Working alongside our big brother company BUILD IT by Design – a leader in commercial interior general contracting – we know what it takes to run a high functioning establishment. Being a part of the BUILD IT team, we can also provide the design and development know-how that our competition can’t offer, making us best suited for the job. In fact, many of our clients started using Maintain Its service after first having their business designed and developed by BUILD IT. First, we Build It, then we Maintain It.
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