Let’s keep your business running smoothly.

The best way to avoid costly building & equipment issues is to service them before they become a problem. Whatever industry you work in, you can trust Maintain It’s experienced team of professionals to provide the expertise and tools it takes to keep your operation running strong.

Restaurant Maintenance

In the fast-moving world of restaurant operation, your kitchen simply can’t afford an unexpected breakdown. A bad leak, broken appliance, or HVAC issue can result in major interruptions and costly downtime during big rushes. With a little bit of routine maintenance, our team can help your restaurant stay in optimal condition — and our on-call team is available 24/7 to address any emergencies. Areas of service include:

Cooking equipment cleaning — Every restaurant relies on major appliances to get through their shift. Maintain It will take care of your most important equipment including ovens and exhaust hoods to ensure the cleanilesses, efficiency, and professional image of your kitchen.

Grease traps — It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s got to get done. We can perform monthly grease trap cleanings to help you prevent nasty plumbing issues and troublesome grease build-ups.

Inspection preparation — Our team knows exactly what health and safety standards need to be upheld in order to pass your next inspection with flying colours. We’ll take you through each step in the checklist and help you address any areas of concern.

We provide restaurant maintenance for chick-fil-a

Retail Maintenance

Retail environments are often a brand’s single most important touchpoint — and you won’t be making any sales if you have to close down due to a major equipment malfunction, plumbing, heating, or electrical problem. We help our retail clients maintain a professional and welcoming customer experience by inspecting, servicing, and repairing all your critical components. Areas of service include:

HVAC Maintenance – Keeping your customers comfortable is a must, especially in the hot summer and cold winter months. Maintain It will perform routine preventative maintenance and respond to 24/7 heating + air conditioning emergencies to help you re-open.

Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting – If you’re dealing with implications from COVID-19, finishing a renovation, or simply looking for a major cleanup, our team can perform a thorough deep clean during off-hours to avoid any interruptions.

Equipment training – We can help your team understand their machinery and industry best practices to help improve efficiency as well as prolong the life of expensive equipment.

Providing retail maintenance for Power 10 Fitness

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial operations rely on a lot of different moving parts — and our Maintain It team will make sure they’re all functioning properly. We have deep experience providing preventative maintenance in a wide range of commercial settings, so you can keep your facility in peak condition + respond quickly to 24/7 emergencies.

Plumbing – We can effectively address any drain issue, leak, or problems caused by flooding — as well as power flush drain line procedures to clear and prevent blockages.

Electrical – Factories, warehouses, and other commercial settings tend to require a significant amount of energy. We’ll help you plan, fix, and install the electrical components you need to maximize efficiency.

Commercial Handyman – For all those small but important jobs around your building — from paint jobs to drywalling and simple repairs — that need to get done right.

Commercial building maintenance