Restaurant Maintenance Services

Restaurant Maintenance

We understand the cost to our restaurant customers in terms of business and money lost when they need to shut down operations, even for a few hours. We seek to get involved early in the maintenance cycle so that we can identify, manage and prevent any potential breakdowns that may occur during day-to-day operations.

By being the one-stop shop for your A-Z maintenance needs, we take all the worry off your hands. We will become your facilities management team, allowing you to focus on all the other important aspects of running your restaurant. This allows a restaurant to run seamlessly and provides peace of mind to management and owners alike.

This involves a detailed understanding and knowledge of each component of our maintenance offerings i.e. HVAC, grease traps, refrigeration, etc. as well as an amazing team of highly trained and certified technicians in the industry.

Restaurant Maintenance Services

Restaurant Preventive Maintenance Services

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to be unique as it is customized to suit every kind of restaurant and their needs. Whether a global multi-national chain/franchise or a mom-and-pop operation, we cater to our customers’ requirements to provide the best possible preventative maintenance plan created specifically for them.

Our responsibilities when serving as your preventative maintenance experts include:

  • Providing a thorough inspection and assessment of all equipment
  • Regular and timely servicing of all equipment
  • Changing filters, belts, etc. as required
  • Educating customers on their machinery and industry best practices which helps to improve efficiency as well as prolong the life of expensive equipment
  • Advising on steps you can take to help reduce the costs and risks associated with equipment and facilities management
  • Ensuring that all maintenance services are completed in a timely and professional manner, with full transparency and always exceeding customer expectations
  • Detailed reporting following each service appointment
  • Retention of all service records for future reference