Cooking Equipment CLEANING

Cooking Equipment Cleaning Services

If you’ve ever managed a kitchen, you already know how important it is to keep your equipment and space in immaculately clean condition. Easier said than done! Commercial kitchens and restaurant BOHs can accumulate a lot of grease, dirt, and grime in a short period of time — which can not only create health and safety risks, it also reflects poorly on your brand image (especially if customers can see inside!). Here at Maintain It, we’ve got commercial kitchen cleaning down to a science, and we’re able to get your space back into spotless shape without disrupting your regular service.

Cleaning of cooking equipment for a restaurant

Flexible cleaning that won’t interrupt business.

We know the last thing you want is to lose out on customers just so you can get some cleaning done — which is why our Maintain It team provides flexible 24/7 scheduling including evening and weekend options. We’ll work around your hours of operation to get the job done and have your kitchen in sparkling clean shape for whenever your customers are ready to arrive.

Maintaining your restaurant’s image.

More and more restaurant designers are opting for “open kitchen” concepts, whereby diners can get a clear look at what’s happening in the back-of-house while they enjoy their meal. This kind of open transparency helps create a closer connection between patrons, cooks, and food — but it also heightens the importance of maintaining a clean and professional image. After all, nobody wants to look back at their chef and see a messy kitchen with dusty, rusted appliances. Maintain It’s commercial kitchen cleaning services will ensure that your space looks as good as your food tastes.

Grease traps and kitchen hood cleaning.

Anyone who’s ever run back-of-house is all too familiar with grease traps. It certainly pays to look after them; without a clean, efficient drainage system, your kitchen can be thrown into chaos when you least expect it. Improperly maintained grease traps can easily clog your drains and cause a lot of nasty (not to mention expensive) problems. As part of our restaurant cleaning service, we can regularly inspect, clean, and pump out grease traps to help you avoid downtime and costly repairs.   

Another crucial task is cleaning your kitchen hoods. Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods can collect plenty of grease, dirt, dust and grime as a result of daily cooking. When your kitchen hood filter gets dirty, it can negatively impact the circulation of clean air in your kitchen and/or building — and you even risk flammable vapors entering into your ductwork, where they can pose significant fire risks. Maintain It can quickly and thoroughly clean your exhaust hoods using specialized tools that reach all the hardest to reach spots.

Commercial kitchen cleaning at a restaurant

Prepare for your next safety inspection.

Maintain It can also help you get ready for upcoming health and safety inspections. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory standards that restaurants and commercial kitchens are judged by, and we’ll take you through the entire checklist to ensure your space is up to code.

Choose Maintain It for professional kitchen cleaning.

Our team has decades of experience servicing hundreds of restaurants and commercial kitchen settings. We’ll provide a fast, thorough, and affordable deep clean to get your space into tip top shape.