Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

It’s never been more important to maintain a safe, clean, and hygienic space — especially in commercial and restaurant settings. The implications of COVID-19 have totally transformed the priorities and safety codes of countless industries in order to keep customers and employees protected. Maintain It has been prepared for this moment, evolving our already deep experience in commercial cleaning with special expertise in restaurant environments. We also continue to offer our routine commercial cleaning services to keep your kitchen, floors, carpets, furniture, concrete and walls immaculately clean — as well as emergency restoration as a result of fire, flood, or mold.

Commercial office deep cleaning service

Disinfecting to protect against COVID-19.

If you require restaurant deep cleaning or commercial cleaning services as a result of COVID-19, you can trust Maintain It to provide a 100% thorough disinfection process that makes your space safe to return to. Our Maintain It team always follows the latest guidelines and recommendations by the CDC + federal health officials to make the process as safe and effective as possible. Our industry-grade cleaning solutions + disinfectants can kill off viruses like COVID-19 as well as bacteria, mold, and other germs. We also pay special attention to high touch surfaces like door handles, touch screens, faucets, and washroom areas to ensure maximum safety. Our technicians are always dressed in safe protective gear while cleaning your space, wearing masks and face shields, gloves, and boot coverings to protect everyone as much as possible.

Restaurant deep cleaning services.

Even in the best-run kitchens + dining spaces, it’s inevitable that dirt, grease, grime, and stains will slowly build up — compromising the professionalism and cleanliness of your operation. Maintain It specializes in deep cleaning services for restaurants, looking at every little detail of back-of-house kitchen and dining environments. We can also help you prepare for your next health & safety inspection, running through every item on the inspector’s checklist to ensure your space is up to code.

Restaurant deep cleaning service

Fire, flood, and storm clean-up.

If your restaurant or workplace was damaged as a result of natural disaster, fire or flood, Maintain It can help put the pieces back together and return your space to a fully functional state. We have lots of experience dealing with mold damage and other safety challenges that must be addressed in order to re-open. We also appreciate that these situations are often as challenging emotionally as they are physically or financially, so we’ll work closely with you to establish realistic goals and protect the most important aspects of your business. 

Pre + post-renovation deep cleaning.

Renovations are always exciting — but the job always starts and finishes with a lot of clean-up. If you’re preparing for upgrades or just putting the final touches on your new space, Maintain It can come in to give your space a proper polish. Soft surfaces like couches, rugs, and curtains can be cleaned with gentle soap and water solutions that effectively disinfect without harming the materials. We also use vacuums to collect and dust or debris that gets into these pieces, and commercial grade floor cleaners for concrete, hardwood, and tiled flooring. 

Flexible scheduling that fits your business.

It’s often impossible to stay open during deep clean + disinfection jobs, so Maintain It works around the clock to offer flexible scheduling that minimizes your downtime (especially when it comes to restaurant deep cleaning). Evening and weekend options are always available, and we can schedule cleanings on short notice for emergency situations.