Electrical Inspection & Repair SERVICES

Electrical Inspection & Repair Services

Does your store, restaurant, or workplace require some electrical work? Trust us — that’s one aspect of your building that you absolutely want some professional assistance with. Whether you’re experiencing fuse problems, malfunctioning equipment, or preparing for an upcoming renovation, Maintain It can provide 24/7 commercial electrical services to keep you safely powered up. We also provide professional annual inspections to catch and prevent any unnoticed problems before they cause chaos, often discovering simple ways to reduce your electricity bills in the process.

Commercial electrician on site doing electrical work

What we look for during electrical inspections

When conducting our commercial electrical services, there are a few key checkpoints that we always look out for. The obvious ones include checking light bulbs and replacing them as necessary, as well as making sure your smoke detectors are fully operational and putting in new batteries if required. Power outlets, emergency lights, and alarm wiring will also be inspected. A commercial electrician from Maintain It may also recommend the use of surge protectors — not unlike the power bars you might use at home — depending on your space’s needs. Other checkpoints like wiring methods, conduits, and corrosion protection will all be factored into the inspection.

If you’re in the process of installing electrical systems in a new or renovated space, we can offer a more thorough inspection to ensure there are enough circuits to accommodate the electrical demand of your space and occupancy. This includes looking at dedicated outlets for high-output appliances and commercial equipment. In the unfortunate event that your previously completed electrical work was not up to satisfaction and/or building code, Maintain It can provide corrective maintenance to get it into safe, reliable working condition.

Electrical maintenance for restaurants

Industrial kitchen appliances like ovens, fridges, and dishwashers are all major energy consumers, which means restaurants typically end up requiring a more sophisticated electrical system. As such, it’s extra important for restaurants to schedule routine inspections in order to avoid unexpected issues + costly repairs that can shut down the entire restaurant. Maintain It has special expertise in the hospitality sector, offering flexible 24/7 scheduling to work around your restaurant’s operating hours. With a little bit of preventative inspection + maintenance, we can significantly extend the operating life of your expensive kitchen equipment — saving you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road.

Finding ways to reduce your power bill

When it comes to commercial electrical services, it’s not just a matter of safety — we can also find ways to save you money by discovering smarter, more energy efficient methods of powering your restaurant, retail space, or work building. There are some really simple fixes that can make a big difference. For example, switching to Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs can slash your light energy by up 90% compared to regular incandescent lights. We’ll also make sure all your large appliances are operating at maximum efficiency, and explore other cost-saving measures like motion-sensor lighting to help reduce consumption.

Commercial electrical panel

Trust the expert commercial electricians at Maintain It

As unlikely as it may seem, a simple short circuit caused by improperly organized wires can cause disastrous damage that spreads throughout your entire building. Our fully licensed commercial electricians provide inspections, repairs, and assistance with new installations to make sure you never run into any of these problems — giving you the safety, peace of mind, and energy efficiency that your business deserves.