Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen, and one of the easiest (but too often ignored) steps to keeping your space in top shape is routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. Since kitchen hoods are designed to trap and dispose of airborne greases and fumes, they can become very dirty very quickly — causing your air filter to get blocked up and ventilation to become a lot less efficient. Maintain It can easily prevent these issues with quick, affordable kitchen hood cleaning service scheduled on a regular basis.

Kitchen hood after cleaning

How do kitchen exhaust hoods work?

Kitchen exhaust hoods (also known as “range hoods” and “extractor hoods”) are commonly found filtration fan systems located above cooking surfaces such as stoves, designed to evacuate airborne steams, fumes, grease, smoke, and heat. You almost definitely have one in your home — but they’re even more important (and sophisticated) in commercial kitchens, bakeries, grocery stores, production facilities and restaurants. In these settings, it’s common for the kitchen exhaust hood to be combined with fans that draw in fresh air from outside, as well as fire suppression features that can quickly help extinguish a grease fire or unexpected flare-ups.

Why is it important to keep kitchen exhaust hoods clean?

Just like in your home kitchen, commercial kitchen hoods can quickly collect a lot of dirt and build up grime as a result of cooking, which can negatively impact the circulation of clean air in your kitchen and/or building. Worst of all, greasy residue created during the cooking process can begin to build up inside your kitchen exhaust system, creating fire hazard risks that could have potentially disastrous effects. Flammable vapors can even begin to creep into your ductwork, travelling throughout the building and exposing high-risk spaces like an attic or rooftop.

By scheduling routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services with Maintain It, you’ll not only be protecting your equipment, space, and people — you’ll also be prepared for fire department safety inspections that, without regular maintenance, could potentially result in the suspension of your operating license.

Maintain It offers professional kitchen hood cleaning

Our experienced team at Maintain It can schedule routine cleanings with minimal disruption to your kitchen service and little-to-no downtime. First, we’ll talk things over to understand what kind of cooking processes, volumes, and oils you typically use and conduct a full inspection to assess the condition of your equipment. Then, we utilize a number of specialized cleaning materials and devices to clean even the hardest-to-reach spaces around and inside your kitchen exhaust system. We’ll clean and replace filters as necessary, and address any mechanical issues as part of our preventive maintenance. Not only will you walk away with a shiny clean hood, you’ll also get the peace of mind knowing that everything is up to code, inside and out. 

Kitchen hood cleaning service

Schedule your kitchen hood cleaning appointment with Maintain It

Our Maintain It team is available around the clock to inspect and service kitchen exhaust systems — and trust us, it’s much smarter to take action before it becomes a problem. Our team members have experience working in all sizes and styles of commercial kitchens, and we guarantee they’ll treat your equipment with the respect it deserves.