Pest Control Interior & Exterior SERVICES

Pest Control Interior & Exterior Services

Bugs. Rats. Roaches. Spiders. Yuck! Whatever creepy crawlies or rodents that are wreaking havoc in your restaurant or workplace, it’s not a problem that’s going to fix itself — and it’s definitely not something you should put off addressing. The sooner you can bring in an experienced pest control service team like Maintain It, the faster we can get your building back up to code, and the less long-term problems you’ll have to pay for down the road.

Past Control

Restaurant pest control

If you’re running a restaurant, pests can pose a massive threat to the cleanliness of your kitchen — not to mention the consequences of failing your next health and safety inspection. Maintain It specializes in restaurant pest control, acting quickly to get in and out by deep cleaning your space with kitchen-safe sprays. We also offer highly flexible scheduling, including weekends and night time appointments, so we can fix your pest problem with minimal downtime.

The most common causes of pest problems

Chances are, your pest problem isn’t your fault. Things like bedbugs and fleas can hitchhike into your environment without anyone ever noticing — especially in settings like restaurants where so many different patrons come in and out on a daily basis. It may also be something as simple as outdoor tree branches or bushes being too close to your property, or a grading problem causing outside water to slowly decay the siding of your building, allowing critters to get in. Gutters, vent screens, downspouts and an old fashioned lack of maintenance can also be catalysts. Don’t worry —  our pest control service experts at Maintain It will do our best to identify the root cause of the problem so we don’t have to make this a reoccurring thing.

Common signs of pest infestation to look out for

There are a lot of obvious and subtle signs to look for if you suspect a pest infestation. Droppings are an instant red flag, as well as strange smells, gnaw marks, nests, or damaged plants. Wood-eating termites are an especially threatening pest to deal with because they can quickly cause a lot of damage to the structural integrity of your building. Little holes, hollow-sounding wood, and sawdust piles are all indicators that you might have a problem. On the other hand, it might be as simple as a buildup of dirt and grime, or grease trails in places they don’t belong. Look around as closely as you can, inspecting hidden areas like crevices and cupboard corners if you start to suspect an issue. Better yet, our Maintain It team can schedule a professional inspection to make sure nothing is missed, and put together an action plan to quickly rid of them.

Working to complete a commercial restaurant pest control service

How to prepare for your pest control service appointment

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our pest control services, there are a few small things you can do beforehand to help us eliminate every last bugger. Clearing out your trash bins and moving large items away from walls is a great place to start — that way we can get into all the nooks, crannies, and corners of your space (which is where pests often like to hide). If you’re able to remove small appliances, that’s a bonus — but our teams will always make sure to protect everything with plastic wrapping so the spraying doesn’t damage any of your valuables.

Trust the pest control professionals at Maintain It

As much as we all love to think we can get rid of these nasty creatures on our own, it’s usually best to trust an experienced team of professionals like Maintain It. We can inspect, exterminate, and treat your building with minimal downtime so you can feel safe and comfortable in our own space again.