Refrigeration, Fridge & Freezer Cleaning Services

Keeping things cool and clean is easier said than done — but it’s a crucial task if you’re operating any kind of restaurant, commercial kitchen, or food production facility. And just like at home, if you procrastinate cleaning your fridge + freezers there will be a build-up of dust, dirt, and grease that negatively impacts the efficiency of your system. We make it easy to prevent. Maintain It provides routine refrigeration cleaning and freezer cleaning to help you stay on top of things, so your equipment continues to run smoothly and you can avoid costly repairs caused by lack of maintenance.

Refrigeration Cleaning Services

A thorough fridge + freezer clean.

The first thing we’ll do is a deep clean of all the basic interior + exterior elements of your fridge + freezer to clear away any debris, built-up dust, and grease using safe cleaning solutions and non-abrasive materials. We know how expensive these pieces of equipment are, so you can trust we’ll be gentle.

Maintaining your filters + condenser coils.

Once the surface-level cleaning is completed, we can move into the more mechanical aspects of refrigeration and freezer cleaning. Air filters are a good place to start: these need to be regularly changed in order to maintain strong ventilation — and not doing so is a common cause of problems. A good rule of thumb is to switch out your commercial fridge filter every six months, but it should definitely be inspected + cleaned on a more regular basis.

Condenser coils are another element that require close attention. This is where the heat is removed from the refrigerant, so it plays a big role in keeping your system at the right temperature. Condenser coils should be cleaned at least once a month — but they’re often located in tricky-to-reach areas of the unit, so it can be tempting to ignore. Trust us, that’s a big mistake. Maintain It will inspect and clean your condenser coil to get rid of any built-up dust or dirt that may be affecting its performance.

Gaskets and drain lines.

Gaskets are another seemingly simple but very important part of freezer + refrigeration cleaning. Gaskets are the plastic or rubber door seals that provide insulation and keep cold air locked in. A broken, cracked, or worn-out gasket will leak air, allowing moisture to enter and potentially spoil food. It will also cause your fridge or freezer to have a harder time maintaining its temperature — sending it into overdrive to make up for lost degrees, driving up your energy bill and potentially overcompensating to the point where frost begins to build up.

Draining your drain lines is another important job that should be done at least once a year, so you avoid build-up of nasty slime that can block up and freeze your unit. We’ll get them cleared out so everything stays fully operational for years to come.

Freezer Cleaning Services

Why regular fridge & freezer cleaning pays in the long run.

Beyond the obvious priority of maintaining a food-safe environment for your guests, there are real money-saving reasons to schedule routine commercial refrigeration cleaning and freezer cleaning with a team like Maintain It. As mentioned earlier, a clean cooling system will run more efficiently and save you money from an energy perspective. But even more importantly, regular cleanings lower the risk of a malfunction that can spoil thousands of dollars in perishable food inventory — not to mention the short-term business you could lose out on from customers. A routine cleaning schedule with Maintain It will go a long way in protecting your equipment + investment.